Serenity Pocket coil Technology

    This Double sided Comfort, (flip able), Pillow Top mattress exudes Ultra plushness with Exceptional Orthopaedic Spring System Support.
    FEATURES: INDEPENDENT COIL TECHNOLOGY: For Perfect Body Shape Conformity, Good Spinal Alignment, Back support and Zero partner disturbance during sleep. It’s truly a NO-Disturb Bed between two sleepers.
    The Mattress also features advanced Pure Visco Elastic Foams for Extra Comfort, Pressure Points Relief that eliminates Turning&Tossing during sleep and for long-term Comfort sustainability.
    DOUBLE SET K 11,999. (Mattress only K10,499)
    QUEEN SET     K 12,999.   (Mattress only K11,499)
    QUEEN XL SET  K 13,999.   (Mattress only K12,499)
    KING SET      K 14,999.   (Mattress only K12,999)
    KING XL SET   K 15,999. (Mattress only K13,999)

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